Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dialogue with an Idea

MIND: So. You realize you woke me up again in the middle of the night.

IDEA: Yes. You're still not meeting my demands.

MIND: It's no wonder your first two letters spell "Id." You think you deserve all of me.

IDEA: I do deserve you. I own you. I am you.

MIND: Then why are you sometimes so hard to pin down?

IDEA: I'm not the moving target; you are. Hey! I have an idea.

MIND: Is that possible?

IDEA: It is when you allow fertilization. We try, like you, to make our offspring into better versions of ourselves. They provide us the same sense of eternality and omnipresence; they are the reinvention we crave, a reminder of the infinite cycles, spokes on the cosmic wheel –

MIND: So what's your big idea?

IDEA: To stop giving you more ideas. You don't appreciate us enough.

MIND: I don't appreciate you enough? What do you want?

IDEA: More acknowledgment, articulation, and expansion.

MIND: Who has time?

IDEA: I should be your priority. I'm the root of creation and the cure for adversity.

MIND: Forget what I said about id. You're all ego. Why should I trust you?

IDEA: Because you can't help it.

MIND: Why did you choose to be my idea?

IDEA: I didn't. I belong as much to you as to a coffee farmer in Tanzania or a microbe on Mars. Remember the collective consciousness.

MIND: Uh-huh. So what are you made of?

IDEA: I'm the metaphysical residue of unfettered synaptic firing.

MIND: Are you a new idea?

IDEA: Will you abandon me if I'm not? All ideas are new. All ideas are old.

MIND: Blah blah blah. Why am I talking to you anyway?

IDEA: I'm the best listener you know, because I only want to live through you.

MIND: Which must be why you masquerade in my dreams, by both day and night.

IDEA: Crafty, huh? I do that when you pay me too little attention, or too much.

MIND: I can pay you too much attention?

IDEA: Yes, you can smother me with examination and never move on to application.

MIND: You don't seem to care what I want.

IDEA: I am what you want, by the very fact that I am what you have, and therefore, what you need.

MIND: Spare me the philosophizing. Sometimes I'm just looking for simple ideas, like what to have for dinner.

IDEA: I can be both gastronomical and philosophical: "Chicken Tetrazzini." "You think, therefore I am." Anyway, I have to go.

MIND: Don't go. You seem to know me so well.

IDEA: I challenge you. You're addicted to that.

MIND: Sometimes I think about giving in to you.

IDEA: That's it. Keep your eyes on the swaying pendulum. Be spellbound.

MIND: As if I had a choice. Can you give me truth?

IDEA: What am I, if not the conduit of truth.

MIND: Actually, I think it's me that gives you truth.

IDEA: Do you see what entertaining me reveals? You seem to have benefited from our exchange. But that's only my opinion.

MIND: A little submissiveness becomes you.

IDEA: It's occasionally necessary to keep our relationship symbiotic.

MIND: I must thank you.

IDEA: Thank me by using me.

MIND: I will when I've figured out how. After I've eaten my Chicken Tetrazzini.

IDEA: No. Right now. Before you succumb to distraction, apathy, or fear.

MIND: Good idea. (MIND exits stage left.)

IDEA: (Rolling eyes.) Humans.